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Standing machine
Standing machine

1. Product detailed parameters

Order number 90010078 Processing customization is item number 90010078

Type pulse hot press brand Youmijia model YMJ-wire hot press machine

Power supply voltage 220(V) Alias cable bonding machine use professional fit mobile phone tablet point ah Line

Size: 610*560*1230(mm) Weight: 75kg Material: Stainless steel/aluminum alloy

Power 3500W(W) Working pressure 0.8 (Mpa) Hot pressing time 20 ( s)

Pulse heating and pressing precision operation is simple and efficient

For mobile phone tablet LCD cable presser up to 12 inches

All-round HD camera Add high-definition display for fast and precise positioning

The cutter head is heated by cold and cold when pressurized by pulse heating. At the same time, it prevents the combination of non-floating and virtual welding, and the local heating method can control the thermal influence on the surrounding components.

2. Product Advantages

Pulse Heating  Pressure Accurate  Easy operation Efficient and safe

Tablet press-for LCD screen cable for mobile phone tablet, up to 12 inches

Pulse heating head- The cutter head adopts the pulse heating method, and the electric heating and the power-off cooling are simultaneously performed during the pressurization, the joint floating and the welding are prevented, and the local instantaneous heating method can well control the thermal influence on the surrounding components. High-definition camera display - full-HD camera plus HD display for fast and accurate positioning. Comprehensive compatibility - dedicated for mobile phone tablet LCD screen cable press  

3.Application range/use scene

Used for mobile phone tablet LCD cable press maximum Support 12 inches

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