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Table type laminating machine
Table type laminating machine
Abstract: Shenzhen Youmijia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with desktop type laminating machine wholesale, custom, manufacturer, price, order, which is good, equipment, pictures, product sales To Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dongguan, Xiamen and other regions.

1. Product detailed parameters

Processing customization: No Brand: Youmijia Model: Desktop laminating machine

Automatic manual:Auto               SMD speed: 40S (granules/hour)   

Weight: 73Kg(kg) Power: 220V/1000W  Size: 540*580*770(mm)

Material: Stainless steel/ Aluminum            Clean Space:Yes

Finishing Model: Surface/Face      ;       Finishing dimensions: ≤ 7 (inches)

Placement: desktop        ;        Vacuum Pump: External

Note: A 4L vacuum pump is delivered with the laminating machine, and the air compressor must be purchased by the customer

● Molded aluminum profile construction, beautiful appearance and strong consistency;

●The mechanical parts are CNC CNC machining to ensure the precision and consistency of the parts;

●Standard assembly process 100% strict machine calibration standard to ensure the accuracy of the machine;

●High standard core components, stable and reliable quality, durable: domestic brand display and control display, electrical components Chint; Taiwan brand pneumatic components Deke, switching power supply Mingwei; solid state relay Taiwan Yangming, Sanhe barometer Korea;

●Using a flying double-stage 4L two-stage vacuum pump and 1.25 cylinders in a vacuum state Mechanical alignment mold, completely solve the problem of misalignment, bubble, rebound, and black and white edges after lighting;

●Modular assembly process, each key component and key position can be dismantled separately , Accidental damage parts can be quickly replaced;

●The display has an automatic monitoring screen; alarm screen; Set parameters and view information;

●Surface design, small footprint, suitable for mass production and maintenance of small and medium-sized enterprises;

●Simple operation: open the door---put Into the mold---close the door---point start---automatic lamination of the machine---complete the door to remove the product;

2.Product advantage

vacuum fit   One-button pressure screen Precision positioning No need to defoam

Vacuum lamination-first vacuum, when the cabin reaches full vacuum, press down and fit to achieve a true vacuum Bubble bonding

Precision positioning-1. Locate oca glue, position the glass cover and press it down.

         2. Locate the LCD screen, position the glass cover (adhesive), press down and fit.

No-dust space-With dust-free space, no additional dust removal is required, and work is more efficient.

Safety Design-1. Intelligent System Screening, Accidents can be stopped by emergency switch

          2. Snap-type door locks make the doors tightly closed

Intentional R&D-Youmijia professional R&D team took years to improve according to market demand, just to make more Good mobile phone LCD screen separation and lamination automation equipment; more national patent certification, because of the focus, so professional

independent production line - Youmijia company has several independent automation equipment production lines, fully Self-sufficiency, there is no agent in the middle; more professional after-sales service team and maintenance service, no need to worry about after-sales protection

3.Application range/use scene

LCD screen sticker

Finishing Model: Surface/Face            Finishing Size: ≤ 7 (inch)

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