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Large Screen Laminator
Large Screen Laminator
Abstract: Shenzhen Youmijia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with large-screen laminating machine wholesale, custom, manufacturer, price, order, which is good, equipment, pictures, products are sold to Guangzhou, Shanghai , Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dongguan, Xiamen and other regions.

1. Product detailed parameters

Processing customization: No Brand: Youmijia Model: Large screen laminating machine

Automatic manual: automatic               SMD speed: 45S (grain/hour)   

Weight: 95Kg(kg) Power: 220V/1500W  Size: 780*610*1530(mm)

Material: Stainless steel /Aluminum           No dust space: no

Finishing model: curved/face/flat  

Finishing size: all flat panels on the market within 22 inches, large screen LCD screen, etc.

Placement: desktop        ; &nb Sp;     Vacuum Pump: External

Note: The large screen laminator has built-in vacuum pumps and gas cylinders, eliminating the need for external pneumatic equipment.

This laminating machine combines multiple advantages with the company's patented equipment. 3D large-screen vacuum non-bubble fit precision

can fit a variety of large displays The LCD screen of the tablet computer is packaged in a laminating manner to fit the no-bubble.

One step is completed for the large-screen fitting. The four-axis positioning method ensures that the mold balance is pressed and the LCD screen is not biased. Uniform force point, the quality of the fit is not affected

In addition, the equipment also comes with a dust-free filter built-in 4L vacuum pump, the company provides free training, welcome to the factory trial

2. Product Advantages

Vacuum Fit  One Button Press Screen Precise Positioning No Defoaming

Large Screen Laminator, One for Flat Panel, 3D Large Screen and curved screen design can realize high-tech products for mass production; large screen laminating machine has built-in vacuum pump and gas tank, no external pneumatic equipment is needed; when the button is pressed to start working, the vacuum pump starts to run, so that the whole screening process is in progress. It is completed under a relatively vacuum environment, so as to achieve the bubble-free effect of the laminated liquid crystal screen.

Customized - a product designed to fit a tablet, large display and various 3D curved screens; each model of LCD screen corresponds to a set of molds, each set of molds, They are customized to our customers after repeated modifications and practices by our designers.

Vacuum lamination - first vacuum, when the tank reaches full vacuum, press down and fit to achieve a true vacuum-free foaming fit

Precision positioning-1.   Position the oca glue, position the glass cover and press it down.

         2. Locate the LCD screen, position the glass cover (adhesive), press down and fit.

Automatic adsorption of single-piece discharge-membrane groove, batch placement of membrane, automatic adsorption of single-piece discharge

Safety Design-1. Intelligent system screen, unexpected Emergency stop can be stopped by emergency switch

         2. Magnetic adsorption door lock to make the door close tightly

Self-contained work cabinet-humanized design, more convenient work

Working high efficiency-large screen laminating machine built-in vacuum pump and gas tank, no external pneumatic equipment required

Development-Excellent Miga's professional R&D team took several years and continuously improved according to market demand, only to make better mobile phone LCD separation and bonding automation equipment; more national patent certification, because of focus, so professional

< p="">Independent production line-Youmijia has several independent automated equipment production lines, which are completely self-sufficient and self-sufficient. There are no agents in the middle; there is a professional after-sales service team and maintenance service, and there is no need to worry about after-sales protection.

3.Application range/Usage scene

LCD screen fitting

Scope: Large display/Tablet/3D curved display

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