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Portable laminating machine
Portable laminating machine
Abstract: Shenzhen Youmijia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with portable laminating machine wholesale, custom, manufacturer, price, order, which is good, equipment, pictures, products are sold to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dongguan, Xiamen and other regions.

1. Product detailed parameters

Processing customization: No Brand: Youmijia Model: Portable laminating machine

Automatic manual: Automatic  SMD speed: 45S (grain/hour)   Power: 220V/1000W

Weight: 35Kg(kg Power: 220V/1000W   Size: 290*450*490(mm)

Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum           ; No dust space: None

Finishing model: Surface/Face            Finishing size: ≤ 7 (inch)

Placement: Desktop              Vacuum Pump: External

Note: A 4L vacuum pump is delivered with the laminating machine, and the air compressor must be purchased by the customer.

Steel film laminating machine, explosion-proof film laminating machine, glass film laminating machine, protective film One-button start-up operation is simple

20-second cycle fits with no bubbles

Function: fits all kinds of mobile phone LCD screens

Materials :LCD+Cover+OCA Adhesive

Finished: LCD Assembly

Operation cycle: 20 seconds

Operation mode: One-touch automatic bonding

Our after-sales commitment: one-year warranty lifetime maintenance  regular reminder maintenance

Quality is not discounted, service is not discounted, credit is not discounted

2.Product advantage


Vacuum fit  Precision positioning One-button pressure screen

Vacuum lamination-first vacuum, when the cabin reaches full vacuum, press down and fit to achieve real meaning Vacuum without bubble bonding

Precise positioning-1.  Position the oca glue and position the glass cover to press it down.

         2. Locate the LCD screen, position the glass cover (adhesive), press down and fit.

Safety Design-1. Intelligent System Screening, Accidents can be stopped by emergency switch

          2. Snap-type door locks make the doors tightly closed

Intentional R&D-Youmijia professional R&D team took years to improve according to market demand, just to make more Good mobile phone LCD screen separation and lamination automation equipment; more national patent certification, because of the focus, so professional

independent production line - Youmijia company has several independent automation equipment production lines, fully Self-sufficiency, there is no agent in the middle; more professional after-sales service team and maintenance service, no need to worry about after-sales protection

3.Application range/use scene

LCD screen sticker

Finishing Model: Surface/Face            Finishing Size: ≤ 7 (inch)

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