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Abstract: Shenzhen Youmijia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with wholesale, custom, manufacturer, price, order, which is good, equipment, pictures, and the products are sold to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dongguan, Xiamen and other regions.

Dispenser equipment is one of our patented equipment and one of the core equipment. It is possible to set a single point curve, a straight arc, a full circle, etc.

A variety of lines to achieve a variety of types of dispensing operation is simple and convenient, but also can be glued to the cover and bracket. This dispenser has four characteristics

1: "8 seconds to complete" 2: "Precision positioning" 3: "dispensing bracket" 4: "dispensing cover"

rise to sol temperature within 5 minutes Precise positioning of the glue in 8 seconds to complete a product; welcome to the factory to try to provide free training services


1. Product detailed parameters

Processing customization: yes

Model: YMJ-dispenser

Size: 600*600*650(mm)

Spit time adjustment: 8S

Quantity: 47kg

Power: 220V/2000W

Material: Stainless steel/Aluminum alloy

2. Product advantage

Eight seconds to complete  Precisely positioning the dispensing bracket for the dispensing device

Rapid heating and high efficiency Up to the sol temperature within five minutes, accurately positioning the dispensing, it takes only eight seconds to process a product

Precision positioning  You can set a variety of lines such as single-point curve straight arc and full circle to achieve various types of dispensing, easy to operate


3.Application range/use scene

Special for mobile phone glass cover, bracket dispensing, for all IP models


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