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Talk about common knowledge of OCA laminator! (two)

I believe that everyone may know that OCA laminating machine is an industrial automation product controlled by PLC or single-chip microcomputer. The fitting principle is to place the LCD screen and glass cover of the mobile phone in a vacuum box in a vacuum environment, use the cylinder pressure of the machine to lower the inner mold of the vacuum cylinder, and completely place the glass cover and the LCD screen in the lower mold of the vacuum cylinder. Lamination. In order to complete the key process of mobile phone screen repair, that is, "OCA fit process". However, we will encounter some problems in the process of use, how can we solve it? The following introduces solutions to common problems of OCA laminators:

If the equipment encounters an emergency during operation, press the emergency stop button. The common problems of OCA laminator are as follows:

First, the vacuum is not up:

1. Check whether the vacuum cylinder of the machine is in a sealed environment, the vacuum pump is working normally, and whether the pad exceeds the range of the sealing ring.

2. Check if the vacuum pump is refueled before running.

3. The vacuum degree at high altitude will be relatively low. The higher the altitude, the lower the vacuum degree. The value of the normal factory vacuum meter is -95, and the vacuum meter value needs to be lowered.

4, the vacuum pump does not work, check whether the switch on the vacuum pump is turned on. If it is turned on, you can manually turn on the vacuum pump on the screen of the laminator. If the vacuum pump cannot be turned on manually, the relay that controls the vacuum pump in the laminator is faulty. Please contact after sales service.

5. Check if the vacuum gauge is cleared when the machine is not working.

Second, the vacuum pump failure:

1. There is no oil in the vacuum pump, which may cause burnout.

2. Low suction power, regularly change the vacuum pump oil.

Ten, the vacuum pump has not stopped working:

1. Check if the power plug of the vacuum pump is connected to the back of the laminator.

2. The mat fits beyond the sealing range and cannot form a sealed environment.

Third, the vacuum pump has been working, and the lower die has not been pressed:

1. Check whether the value set under the vacuum gauge is too high. When the set value is higher than the actual value, the lower die cannot work. You need to lower the set value.

2. Check if the position of the vacuum pump interface is not connected well.

3. Check if the oil in the vacuum pump is very turbid, and change the vacuum pump oil regularly for half a year.

4. Check if the vacuum delay is too long.

5. Whether the lower die adjustment valve is loose at the back of the machine, loosen it clockwise and tighten it counterclockwise.

Fourth, temperature control does not heat up:

1. The temperature control setting parameters are not set properly. Normal setting: 70-75 ° C.

2. If the temperature control setting is normal, the temperature control is faulty, please contact the after-sales service.

3, the temperature display in the middle of the temperature control appears: HHH indicates that the heating tube is burned or the temperature control is burned. If LLL appears, the temperature sensor line is broken or the line is broken.

4. Press the yellow key to see if the 01-F-1-10, 00-F-2-30, and 00-F-3-30 parameters have changed, and the F parameter is the function of timing.

5. The first number on the left of the temperature control refers to the set bottom temperature, the middle is the actual temperature, the right is the set maximum temperature, and the set temperature on the left is lower than the set temperature on the right.

Five, press the start button the machine does not respond:

1. Check if the air pressure is reached. Normal setting: 0.2mpa.

2. The manual laminating machine checks whether the tray is in place. If the tray is pushed to the end and the screen shows that the tray is not in place, then the problem of the sensor behind the tray, please contact the after-sales service to solve it.

3. Adjust the screen to manual. If the manual operation is normal, then the connection of the two key lines is problematic. Check whether the key lines are disconnected or connected abnormally.

Six other circumstances:

1. Turn on the power switch, the display screen and vacuum meter are not on, and other switches / lights are normal, then the 24V power box in the machine is faulty.

2. The pallet has not been pressed down by the cylinder. You need to increase the speed of the advance of the pallet or delay the pressing of the cylinder.

3. After the exhaust, the sound of a rustling sound in the vacuum cylinder pops up, extending the vacuum breaking time, which is normal. 30.

4. The air leakage of the filter is generally due to insufficient air pressure. The thimble below the filter has not been opened. You need to close the air valve of the air compressor and wait for the air pressure to reach 0.7mpa before opening the air valve. If the air leaks elsewhere in the filter, it means the filter is defective.

5. The middle position of the temperature display shows the temperature position: HHH indicates that the heating tube is burned or the temperature control is burned. If LLL appears, the temperature sensing line is broken or the line is broken.

6. Press the yellow key to see if the 01-F-1-10, 00-F-2-30, 00-F-3-30 parameters have changed, and the F parameter is the function of timing.

7, air leakage, air leakage generally occurs under the filter, this position is mainly in the case of insufficient air pressure, air pressure can not top the pressure caused by air leakage.

The above are the rare problems and treatment methods of the OCA laminating machine shared by everyone. The maintenance work is done, and the machine is well maintained, and the failure is naturally fewer. OCA laminating machine common problem solutions are shared here for everyone.

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