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Talk about common knowledge of OCA laminator! (One)

OCA laminating machine is also called "vacuum laminating machine" or "touch screen laminating machine" on the market. It is an industrial automation product controlled by PLC or single-chip microcomputer, and is one of the equipment for mobile phone screen laminating. However, we will encounter some problems in the process of use, how can we solve it? The following introduces solutions to common problems of OCA laminators:

If the equipment encounters an emergency during operation, press the emergency stop button. The common problems of OCA laminator are as follows:

First, the machine alarms after turning on the power;

Solution: Check whether the emergency stop button is pressed and the machine is ventilated.

Second, the cylinder advances and retreats, the vacuum cylinder rises and falls, and the pressure film rises and falls and runs too fast;

Solution: By adjusting the intake air control valve on the corresponding cylinder, and by controlling the amount of intake air, the operating speed is controlled.

Third, the laminated film does not fall;

Solution: Check the value set on the vacuum gauge, and then set the value of the vacuum gauge below the value obtained by the actual pumping according to the highest value drawn by the vacuum pump.

Fourth, the vacuum value does not go up;

1. Check if the vacuum cylinder is leaking;

2, check whether the hose clamp of the vacuum pump connection pipe is locked;

3. Check if the vacuum pump is damaged during transportation.

Five, the vacuum pump is not running;

1, check if the vacuum pump line is not connected;

2. Whether the vacuum pump switch is turned on;

3. If the relay is loose, replace it with a new relay (24V).

Six, do not inhale (under the condition that the vacuum pump works normally)

1. Check whether the vacuum pump is working properly, turn on the power separately, start the vacuum pump, and check the suction.

2. Check whether the mat of the separator is placed properly and the holes of the mat are aligned.

3. Whether the screen that is severely broken is covered with adhesive tape without leaking air.

4. Check the platform or the air pipe interface under the platform for air leakage.

5. Check if the tube is too short and the two ends are pulled too tight.

Seven, poor fit effect:

1. Check the parameters on the screen of the laminator. The normal factory setting values: down time: 100, vacuum break time: 30, lamination pressure: 0.2mpa, vacuum gauge: -95.

2. The pressing speed of the pressing die is too fast. Normal pressing is slow pressing.

3, short vacuum delay, normal vacuum delay is: 50.

4. The problem of fitting the mat. Use the red 4-point mat normally. Do not use the mat that is too high or too low, or the screen is uneven.

, 5 in the position is, the cover and the screen only need to be glued a little, do not glue too much.

The above are the rare problems and treatment methods of the OCA laminating machine shared by everyone. The maintenance work is done, and the machine is well maintained, and the failure is naturally fewer. OCA laminating machine common problem solutions are shared here for everyone.