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Do you know the characteristics and performance of the laminating machine?

Work smoothly without vibration

Substrate thickness: within 0.1 ~ 10mm

Flat fit, few bubbles, no wrinkles

Flexible processing size change

PLC control, reliable operation and simple operation

LCD platform is driven by precision slide rail to ensure position accuracy

Main performance:

l X, Y, Θ three-axis adjustable for easy operation and easy adjustment and positioning

l Adjustable head pressure

Laminating machine rewinding accessories-magnetic powder brakes are used in rewinding systems, including other applications such as buffer start, continuous sliding, and tension control. Magnetic powder brake has the advantages of smooth running, no noise, large-scale control, fast response speed, etc., and its combination of multiple uses. Some laminating machines use central winding, unwinding and automatic tension controllers, unwinding wheels, paper trimming devices, etc., to make the unwinding, laminating and winding of the laminator more smooth and tidy, which greatly improves the product Quality and work efficiency.

Laminating machine brake

The magnetic powder brake of the laminating machine adopts DC24V DC voltage, which is safe and reliable. According to the structure and design of the laminating machine, magnetic powder brakes of different specifications can be selected, such as 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, and 200Nm. In terms of installation, the output end of the magnetic powder brake of the laminator is connected with the inflatable shaft and roller for the rewinding material (requiring connecting elements), and the DC 24 DC power is input to the magnetic powder brake. At the same time with the tension controller, the use of tension adjustment is more accurate, convenient and simple.

The winding unit of the laminator adopts a magnetic powder brake, and the unwinding unit uses a magnetic powder clutch (double output shaft). One shaft (input shaft) is connected to the motor, and the other shaft (output shaft) is connected to the winding roller.