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How to choose a vacuum laminating machine

As the most commonly used equipment for mobile phone screen repair, the vacuum laminating machine has been developed to date, and has various functions in order to meet the needs of the market. For example, there are manual fit, automatic fit, multi-station fit and heat fit. So how do we choose to face so many fit machines on the market?

According to the cost, we are roughly divided into three types of customers.

1, small mobile phone repair shop

There is not much money for mobile phone repair. We can choose manual laminating machine. The manual laminating machine is slower than the automatic laminating machine. When it is price, it has a great advantage.

2, large maintenance points, factories

For large repair shops and factories, mobile phone screen repair and production are too much. If you choose an affordable manual fit, it will greatly increase labor costs, and you can't really save costs. Therefore, choose an automatic sticker with moderate price. The opportunity is relatively cost-effective, and the automatic laminating machine has the advantages of no reticle, suitable for all mobile phone models, and can be mixed screen operation.


3, screen producers

For the manufacturer of the mobile phone screen, time is money. The multi-station vacuum laminating machine is the best choice. One machine can fit several mobile phone screens at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency.