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Which type of vacuum laminating machine is more suitable for you?

When it comes to vacuum laminating machines, everyone should be very strange. The vacuum laminating machine is a kind of equipment that can be used for mobile phone screen repair and new screen fitting. When we go to the mobile phone repair shop to repair the mobile phone, we can see its existence. However, depending on the needs, vacuum laminating machines are also divided into several different types, and different types of laminating machines also have different functions. So what are the types of vacuum laminating machines?

1. Automatic vacuum laminating machine

In the automatic vacuum laminating machine, the so-called automation is actually adding a five-bar cylinder to the vacuum laminating machine, so that when the screen is placed in the tray, the machine will automatically feed the screen when the start button is pressed. Inside the cylinder, then press-fit. Therefore, the automatic vacuum laminating machine is a type that most of them will choose, which not only has a good fitting effect, but also greatly increases work efficiency.

2, semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine

Compared with the automatic vacuum laminating machine, the semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine has one more manual pushing action, so it needs to be used manually. Because the semi-automatic vacuum laminator tray is manually fed into the cylinder and then pressed by the start button, its efficiency is naturally lower than the automatic one. However, because its price is very economical and practical, it is mainly suitable for small repair shop customers.

3, integrated vacuum laminating machine

The integrated vacuum laminating machine is a laminating machine that incorporates a vacuum pump into the laminating machine and converts the original pneumatic to electric. It is mainly through heating, and time pressure to achieve this fit without foam, directly press for a few minutes without defoaming, so the technical aspects must be mastered very well. This type of vacuum laminator presses one screen each time for as long as 2 minutes to 5 minutes, which is much slower than a split fitter.

The above-mentioned contents are the three types of vacuum laminating machines. Of course, no matter which type of vacuum laminating machine is selected, it should be selected according to individual needs.