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The screen press will become an indispensable device for the explosion screen repair

The smartphones currently on the market can basically be said to be large-size touch screens. The materials used in this touch screens are made of specially processed glass. The glass is always fragile, even though it has been attached to the steel film and bought in the mobile phone. Protecting our mobile phone, but accidentally falling off the ground, the phone screen is still easy to break when it hits a hard object.

Many friends who do mobile phone repair know that most customers who use mobile phones to repair are also because the screen is broken. Nowadays, many mobile phones adopt the matching screen technology, and the bonding is to glue the panel and the touch screen completely in a seamless manner. Compared to the frame, it can provide a better display. This is also the mainstream development trend of high-end smart phones and tablet panels.

The appearance of the pressure screen machine has become an indispensable equipment for the maintenance of mobile phone screens. The pressure screen machine can be used to laminate the film on the glass or touch screen, and replace any molds of different products such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi and Huawei. Improve the precision of the fit, from the side to the corner, the original quality.

Youmijia pressure screen machine

The six characteristics of the screen press:

1. Applicable precision: mold positioning, vacuum pressing, no air bubbles, no wrinkles, effectively overcome the shortcomings of bubbles, water marks and dust generated during artificial bonding.

2, processing size: the thickness of the substrate can be controlled within 0.1 ~ 10mm, flexible, easy to adjust.

3, one button pressure screen, high efficiency;
4, suitable for OCA, polarizing film, protective film;

5, built-in vacuum pump and compressor, direct use;

6, the equipment comes with air filter and ion air gun, providing a dust-free construction environment.