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Automatic glue remover saves screen maintenance costs

Smartphones are a necessity for people. Repairing smartphones has become a huge business. The most frequently broken item on a mobile phone is of course the front glass. In most cases, the screen itself will not be damaged. On newer smartphones, the front glass is just a protective lens, even if the screen breaks and the touch screen is safe.

The easiest way to repair damaged glass is to replace the entire LCD assembly. For the iPhone 6 plus, this will cost a few hundred dollars. However, it only takes a few tens of dollars to replace the front glass lens. The problem is that the LCD digitizer and the front glass are laminated. It takes great care to remove them without damaging the thin liquid crystal glass of the wafer. The hardest part is removing the optical glue on the LCD.

The automatic de-gluing machine is a device mainly for the treatment of optical adhesive residues. Compared with the traditional de-gluing method, the automatic de-gluing machine has the advantages of high speed, complete cleaning, no damage to the LCD components, and no backlighting. advantage.


Advantages of automatic de-gluing machine:
1. It can be used for the treatment of oca optical glue residue;
2, the roller removes glue, it is faster and safer;
3, the operation is simple, one button to remove glue;
4. Solved the traditional method of removing glue. Manual degumming is slow, except for the problem of not being clean;
5, no glue remaining, no damage to the touch screen and LCD screen.