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Automatic Separator
Automatic Separator

Automatic Separator One Large: Separate Fast  Does not hurt LCD motor drive vacuum adsorption<1> Electric cutting motor drive-electric cutting and separating electric motor alternately rotates positively and negatively, driving the separating wire to cut the mobile phone screen back and forth, and quickly separating. 2. High temperature softening Rapid separation - vacuum adsorption fixed Vacuum adsorption method to fix the mobile phone screen, easy to place and take, adsorption table heating function, high temperature softening oca glue, easier to separate. Balance at both ends  Does not hurt the LCD screen - The balance shafts at the left and right ends ensure that the separation wire is in an equilibrium state, protecting the LCD screen from damage. Comprehensive compatibility - suitable for all large LCD screen separation. The cover plate can be separated if it is intact or broken, and the liquid crystal is intact. Product parameters: Size: 320*480*880 (mm) Weight: 35kg Power: 220v/500w
: Stainless steel/aluminum alloy Tip: Random delivery special cut diamond wire 1 roll  Random delivery 1L vacuum pump 1 set

Auto Separator - Large

Electric cutting motor drive

Automatic Separator Electric Cutting Electric Motors Reverse rotation, drive the separation wire to cut the LCD screen back and forth, and quickly separate without damaging the LCD screen.

Easily separate without damaging the LCD screen

Vacuum adsorption fixation

The vacuum adsorption method fixes the liquid crystal screen, which is convenient for placing and taking, and the adsorption stage has heating function. High temperature softening oca glue makes separation easier.

vacuum adsorption, high temperature softening oca glue

Comprehensive compatibility

Suitable for all large LCD screen separations, the cover can be separated or broken, and separated The LCD is in good condition.

suitable for LCD screen separation of various sizes

Automatic Screen Splitter

screen splitter parameters

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