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Manual Separator (Large)
Manual Separator (Large)
Manual Separator (Large)

Power: 400W
Input voltage: AC 220V-240V Frequency: 50-60hz Model: Youmijia 948Z Screen Separator (7 inch) Size: 370*260*100
Aluminum plate size: 180*280
Temperature control range: 1-120°C Separable size: ≤ 13 inches. Whether built-in suction pump: built-in / external 1L flying over vacuum pump (optional) Scope of application: straight / flat LCD screen Trouble: suction Not enough  The temperature is too high or too low  The noise is extremely low  The service life is short  It is easy to be cut by a thin steel wire. Slogan: It is a simple and abandoning only to make a boutique. Internal pump-inlet pump/flying 1L vacuum pump is available for selection. 2: Precision temperature control - Microcomputer temperature control table + alloy aluminum plate has good thermal conductivity and high hardness. Long-wearing 3: safe and efficient - stainless steel sliding bar + vents on both sides

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