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freezer station
freezer station
freezer station

1. Product Details Parameters

Processing Customization: Yes     ;  Type: Hose Freezer       Brand: Youmijia

Model: YMJ-Frozen Separator     ;       Input Power: 220V/2000W

Dimensions: 580*530*920(mm)     Refrigeration Tank: 350*240(mm)

Weight: 108Kg(kg)    Application: Separate mobile phone flat screen LCD screen

Frozen mode: air-cooled                Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum

Whether cross-border sources: Yes

2. Product Advantages

Principle: Using low temperature to directly disintegrate UV water gel from external screen glass and display screen

Internal structure: evaporator (heat exchange) , located under the working window) Piston compressor (the core of the device turns the refrigerant into high temperature and high pressure gas)

Condenser (built-in, cooling the refrigerant) Desiccant (remove the moisture in the refrigerant to prevent it inside the capillary) Icing blockage)

Expansion valve (capillary, depressurization of refrigerant to liquid) constitutes a curved screen mobile phone (such as Samsung s6 edge) screen separation usually takes only one minute to freeze

In minutes, you can completely separate the direct-screen phone (such as the Apple iPhone) without the polarizer and backlight module.

The polarizer can directly remove the backlight module. The probability of water entering the device without the cover can be greatly reduced.

Rapid cooling  Ultra-low temperature Quick separation Efficient and safe

Separation fast and high efficiency - Freeze the LCD screen at the lowest temperature and split it in one minute

Big separation capacity is large - can separate multiple mobile phone LCD screens and tablet LCDs at the same time , improve efficiency

Comprehensive compatibility-dedicated separate LCD touch screen, suitable for all models to separate and fast security

3.Application range/use scene

Application area: Separation Mobile flat panel LCD screen straight screen screen

Dedicated separate LCD touch screen, suitable for all models

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