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Automatic glue remover
Automatic glue remover
Abstract: Shenzhen Youmijia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with automatic degumming machine wholesale, customization, manufacturer, price, order, which is good, equipment, pictures, products are sold to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dongguan, Xiamen and other regions.

Automatic Degumming Machine The main purpose is to clear the surface of the mobile phone LCD screen oca glue.

1. Product detailed parameters

Product Name: In addition to the glue machine (small)

Products   牌:优米佳

Product Model: YMJ-CJ-100

功   Rate: 1500W

Electric   Pressure: 220V

Control voltage: DC24V

Degumming temperature: 80°C

Heating method: constant temperature heating

Environmental temperature: -3 to 30°C

重   Quantity: 29kg

Gas   Pressure: 0.45 to 0.6MP

Warranty: One year warranty


foot   inch: 300*450*580(mm)

material   quality: aluminum alloy/stainless steel

Patent No. :2014200267338.8 4

2.Product Advantages

●Molded aluminum profile construction, beautiful appearance and strong consistency;

●The mechanical parts are CNC CNC machining To ensure the precision and consistency of the parts;

●Standard assembly process, 100% strict machine calibration standard to ensure the accuracy of the machine;

●High standard core components, quality Stable and reliable, durable: domestic brand display and control display, electrical components Chint; Taiwan Brand pneumatic components Yadeke, switching power supply Ming Wei; stepper motor research and control; solid state relay Taiwan Yangming, three and barometer Korea;

● using the flying two-stage 1L vacuum pump and silicone roller removal process, With the glue-removing limit mold, it can completely solve the problems of unclean glue, explosion screen, bad and so on;

●Modular assembly process, each key component and key position can be dismantled separately, accidentally damaged parts Can be quickly replaced;

●The display has an automatic monitoring screen; alarm screen; easy to set parameters and view information;

●Tabletop design, small footprint, suitable for small and medium Enterprise mass production and maintenance market;

●The digital drive accurately controls the glue removal speed and distance to determine the initial position and maximum forward distance. The stepper motor is characterized by precise control of the forward distance without being affected by the load. The torque is relatively small;

●The geared motor slows down through the reduction gear to increase the torque and provide powerful power for the roller;

●Set the initial position and end position to achieve one-button start Automatic glue removal;

3.Application range/use scene

Product function: Can remove UV water glue OCA, LCD assembly,

Adapt size: 8 inches or less

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