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Vacuum laminating machine

The vacuum laminating machine is mainly designed for the production characteristics of small display and small touch components. The one-touch screen is automatically fitted, and the positioned mold set is pushed into the vacuum chamber, and the vacuum is started and vacuumed. Press down and bond.

Automatic degumming machine

The automatic de-gluing machine uses the silicone roller to remove the oca. The electric motor drives the roller to rotate at a high speed. The glue removal is fast and there is no damage to the LCD screen. It is suitable for all mobile phone models, and the dry glue can be removed.

Screen splitter

The screen splitter is designed to separate a variety of straight-faced mobile phone screens and is suitable for all types of mobile phones. The cover can be separated if it is intact or broken, the separation is fast and safe, and the LCD screen is intact.

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Shenzhen Youjijia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented company specializing in the research and development and production of automation equipment. The company is mainly engaged in pressure screen machine, OCA laminating machine, vacuum laminating machine, curved laminating machine, screen laminating machine, Screen de-gluing machine, automatic de-gluing machine, OCA de-gluing machine, screen separating machine, freezing separator, manual separating machine, automatic separating machine, etc., provide a complete set of processes for separation, de-gluing and lamination of the LCD screen. The products have obtained national patents, national quality certification and CE certification, and the sales market has reached more than 150 regions in China, the United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Korea and India.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the concept of “high technology, high quality and high efficiency” and has quickly become a well-known brand in the industry.

OCA vacuum laminating machine: We first proposed the concept of non-foaming and laminating, and it fits under vacuum, and it is truly bubble-free and fits in one step. Mold positioning to achieve original accuracy.

OCA automatic de-gluing machine: We first use motor drive, roller de-gluing method, the purpose is to quickly remove the glue and not to damage the LCD screen, completely subvert the traditional hand-knife blade to remove the glue.

LCD automatic separator: We first use motor drive, balance separation method, separation quickly and very well to protect the LCD screen from damage, completely replacing the traditional hand-separated method.

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